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Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
And I thought u did your research properly. Based on SPF's website, for inspector of police starting pay for the lowest educational level is 3,402 (with NS) min. Good degree max out at 4,262 whereas for a Home Affairs Senior Executive, it is 3,088 min to 3,752 max (with NS). The gap is easily 300 bucks. Where got less than 100?
I think the previous who stated "the gap is ~100" after the 10% wage adjustment...

let look at the MAX 3752 + 10% = 4127.2

and then he compare 4127.2 with 4262 (as there is no info on wage adjustment on uniform service group)

the difference between 4127.2 and 4262 is 134.8

I think this is what he mean !??!

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