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Originally Posted by Bean View Post
you from what company or what industry?

I working in GLC as engineer

My company give only between 4-6% for promotion from engineer to senior engineer, from senior engineer to assistant principal engineer...and there of....

4-6% at their pay grade is addition of abt ~130-180 only...

alot of turnover.

Even one of my friend, consider a high flyer, estimate only getting abt $4700 basic after 6 years exp(with 3 promotion included)....very low indeed his starting pay is 2.9k in 2007 jul
I am surprised. The median monthly salary in Singapore is around $2600. If a salary of $4700 is considered very low, then I will believe Singapore has come a long way and there wouldn't be many couples in Singapore with income within HDB's ceiling.

Maybe your friend would have felt much better if he had known the salary of his co-workers holding the same appointment. (Being a high flyer, definitely getting more than his peers)

Perhaps he/she is looking for opportunities to move up to next level, rather than move due to the current salary.

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