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cause im still in my last sem so i will start in July-ish. will i be entitled to the increment also if any? lol thanks for the advice! so AWS rebase into mthly means i can expect ~500 more per month at about 6k?
I thinkkkk you should also be getting ah. When you come in, they'll most likely pro-rate. But I also dk how it will work, my guess is when you start, there will be increments added. If no increments then at best i think your AWS will be rebased, so yea 6k ish. You should try to probe this information out of HR , e.g "I'm still considering my options, compensation wise the other coy is better, I really like GT, is there anything you can do on the compensation side of the offer?" Idk bro but you should try to get them to mention the increment. BUTTTT, I doubt they will mention, because we are also not supposed to share this with outside people. LOL WHoopss.

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