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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I received more than 20% increment, not for changing job but staying in the same job with a promotion in grade.

Some of you may not believe but this is one of the strategies by companies to retain key personnel when they know that the industry is doing well and looking for people to fill key positions.

Therefore, you need not change jobs to get more than 20% increment - just make sure you make yourself valuable to the company.
you from what company or what industry?

I working in GLC as engineer

My company give only between 4-6% for promotion from engineer to senior engineer, from senior engineer to assistant principal engineer...and there of....

4-6% at their pay grade is addition of abt ~130-180 only...

alot of turnover.

Even one of my friend, consider a high flyer, estimate only getting abt $4700 basic after 6 years exp(with 3 promotion included)....very low indeed his starting pay is 2.9k in 2007 jul
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