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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Haha but but..... SMU/NUS JD, though on par with MBA, still NQ when they grad and get NQ pay. So not sure how is that on par with MBA?

JD = LLB + icing + fruit + chocolate. But pay and PQE still same as fresh LLB grad
I'm the poster above. Yes - its consistent with what I said.

NUS' and SMU's JD are in truth an LLB, but marketed as a "JD" to take advantage of the prestige that North American JDs (and MBAs) have as a professional degree. Don't forget that the NUS one was originally called 'GLB' (Graduate LLB) until very recently. They changed moniker so as not to sound 'inferior' to SMU's programme.

American JDs are professional degrees cos you must have an undergrad, you incur lots of actual and opportunity costs to switch career, to a potentially higher paying career (Cravath or biglaw scale if you're good/lucky).

SG JDs are not really worth it because there's very little upside to switching career.when the local starting industry payscales are just slightly above median fresh grad payscales. Starting off as a JD grad with $5-6k? Mehh

I think most mid-career ppl contemplating the JD should think twice esp. if you have family and mortgage commitments.
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