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This is my second year in Talent Advancement Program, previously named Technology Analyst Program. Training wise, it's starting to take form but i don't think it's as useful as they claim.

Progression is 1 year from analyst to SA, 2 years from SA to Consultant.

In Accenture you have to fight for your own career. Dont expect to be handfed. Make connections with your HR partner to get good projects to work on, and get certifications which will be useful for your next project/job inline with your personal career goals. If you are not good/experienced in anything it's hard to bargain and you will be thrown to a project that might not be good.

Do you mind sharing how long was the hiring process and what were the stages? How many days after we apply do we hear about the next stage? Is the consulting track similar to the technology one? Recently they had a new posting for graduate consulting analyst for talent advancement program, didnít see consulting under this TAP before.

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