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Speaking of JLCs, I have a question. To what extent is being a JLC helpful to one's career? Am on track to get a first class honours but of course things are very fluid and may change since I've not graduated. But wanted to think of options.

Is being a JLC something one must absolutely do if given the chance? If you look at the background of those conferred SCs, appointed to the Supreme Court and even taking higher office in politics, many of them have been JLCs. This is despite only a small number of people becoming JLCs each year, or so my seniors tell me. I'm sure these were ridiculously clever people to begin with as your post above suggests. But does time as a JLC train one's mind in a way that law school and practice does not that gives one an even stronger edge in life and in the profession? And should it be something I should push myself to get if I intend to be in litigation, to academia or even aspire to politics [don't judge me]?
If you want to do litigation, go into academia, or become a politician, then JLC is a must do. It's not just about the branding (which is considerable) but also the connections you make with judges and other top students of the cohort. Btw regarding politics, Desmond Lee was an ex JLC and is now one of the youngest ministers.
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