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Anyone care to share thoughts on the recent BT article about young lawyers striking out on their own to get “fulfillment”. I don’t know their individual situations or who they are and their accounts may very well be true. However, I’m always a bit skeptical of articles which are crafted to be so positive as to almost become an advert. It’s like according to this article every one of them had been a star in a big firm bound for stardom in the firm, without any confirmation from any of those firms, but decided to strike out because they can provide more fulfilling work at cheaper rates. Having worked in a big firm, I can honestly say I don’t know one person whose primary motivation was “fulfillment” and their decision to start a new firm was inevitably frustration about some career matter. But maybe it is because I hang out with a different and much more jaded and career oriented crowd. Would love your thoughts.

I do hope what they say is true though because if that’s the case then it augurs well for the profession that young lawyers are conscious of the need for representation of the masses.

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