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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Depending on the agencies structure as different agencies’ starting title differs…

Some agencies freshies can be AD, Mgr or executive hence title will varies if agencies want GT folks to follow their org chart and some don’t and all called consultants… it depends

but generally
D-F can be MX13
G-H can be MX12
i is a the odd ball, MX11a/10 lower
J MX10 lower/upper
K MX9/8

How I know? If u attended agency’s DnD, the amount paid by different MX, u will know ur grade pegging 😂
Oh btw the grade is not representative of the pay…
From my understanding and data points collected till HR update in Apr/ May 2022
D-F can be MX11 pay
G can be MX11a pay
H can be MX10 lower pay
i is a the odd ball, 10 lower to upper
J MX10 upper to MX9 pay
K Super scale pay?

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