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From my experience, date outside the profession and industry. No matter how hot he or she is, lawyering work is gonna wear him or her out much faster than other profession. And if he or she has temper management issues, u r just asking to be abused emotionally, physically and verbally. Plus, pay has been stagnant for X number of years. So if you want to have a big family living in landed property or high end condo, it translates into higher living cost. You may need to share a proportionally higher responsibility to support Ur family.

Yes it may look good on the outside, u can flaunt around n show off that Ur spouse is a lawyer. But what's the point? Unless u damn narcissistic n need to feed off people's awe and admiration to survive
Most of the anecdotes are of the fairer sex. Does this advice apply to male lawyers as well? Anyone with stories to share?
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