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People in big 4 like to talk abt promotion blah blah
Please lah u promote 1 year 1 time Other people promote 1 time 3 year shake leg still got higher pay

Nowadays seniors and juniors same number as managers stuck in big 4 donít know where to go, you think promotion to M then zao to industry is guaranteed?

Think again lor

So many big 4 auditors trying to jump out each year industry where got so many positions for u to ask x2 pay one

For advisory and consulting arms no comment
Hahha the "steady promotion" and "steady pay increase" fallacy. This has been brought up multiple times in this thread. Probably B4 auditors trying to comfort themselves.

As though other industries don't promote and don't get pay increases. I don't think the B4 pay increase trajectory is particularly spectacular in the private sector.

Joining B4 means you're starting from a very low base while average people in other commercial sectors are out earning you by a large amount. That means they're already collecting this larger amount beforehand which can be utilized for investments, etc. Principle of present value of money.

The promise of SM and thereafter partnership is the pot of gold that's employed to trick people into shortchanging their youth for a meaningless industry. If it was so compelling, why do so little people make it? The sector relies on attrition model to work, and statistically, you're not going to be one of the people remaining at the end.

Even then, I question whether attaining partnership is worth it - if you have what it takes to be one, you are likely to be able to do much better outside.
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