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Thank you for sharing your experience. I can totally resonate with your sharing.

I would consider myself to be doing well, Perf grades of As and Bs, appointed HOD early 30s, but the fact that I am not a scholar halted all progress possible. When I spoke about my aspiration with the SLs, they seemed clueless about how they could support me in my development. This is where I felt let down by the system and them, as farmers generally do not reap what they showed, unless one is contented with good perf grades and stagnant progression.

At the age of 40, I have no answers or anyone telling me that I am no longer in the rat race for VP-ship, or should I say that I was never in the race. It is this mentality and the need to portray themselves as the kind and supportive leaders that makes things unclear. I would rather be told upfront that I should not harbour naive thoughts than to slog day and night only to realised that I have thrown my youth away. Many would argue that one join the profession to teach, and the passion should keep him/her going. That is if you are not ambitious, and you feel enough being a good teacher.

With the HODs not going up, I feel sad for newer teachers who work hard and aspire to make advancements in the career. How many jaded HoDs will be willing to forgo the appointment/seo rank and step down from their position?
Yes, it is quite a sad reality for the average teacher who desires satisfying progression. The structure of our system inherently creates huge bottlenecks due to the large teacher:manager ratio at almost all levels.

Unfortunately there are almost no clear structures/provisions for non-scholars to rise above HOD. Those few who manage to do it are always "centrally identified by HR", but the processes underlying this central management of advancement are so opaque that even your school leaders may not have a very solid idea of what happens, and regardless they are explicitly not at liberty to discuss these with you.
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