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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
any opinions in deloitte accelerated career pathway? 3.5 yrs manager

This? Deloitte marketing is really shameless.

It is basically a scam right. They con you to squeeze your courses into 3.5 years so you can join as an odd cycle hire. From description, it sound like your first 6 months peak (Jan - Jun) will be allowance or intern pay concept and not full pay. I think should report to police for fraud.

Get conned to feel good, forced to finish course earlier, miss out chance to make friends, and get underpaid for peak.

Usually people graduate in Jun, and start work in Sep. Work from Sep to Jun = completion of first year of associate. Your first peak will be Jan-Jun, and Sep-Dec is basically make new friends and for you to ease your way in. For some of the new joiners, Sep-Dec can be very slack.

Assuming you did some special programme or took a AOL, and have to graduate in Dec instead of Jun. If you join Big4 as a odd cycle in Dec, take the full pay and still get to do Jan-Jun peak. As long as you complete Jan-Jun peak, you will be considered as finish first year associate, and promote to second year.
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