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Agreed and just to add on, while there are more competitors in Singapore, it is easier to stand out with your credentials (insofar as it matters, which looking at the history of appointments I doubt) you're competing against 2.2s 2.1s and FCHs in Singapore versus a confined pool of FCH BCL in the UK.

Not sure what QC numbers are. 2021 - 2429 senior lawyers. Assume half do transactional work only (this is just for estimation, I also note Section 30(8) of the LPA as alluded to in previous posts) and only within the senior lawyer category. 94/1200 - 7.83% is my estimation without exact numbers. Only as a helpful but very rough figure.
Actually, itís a bit of a fallacy that barristers are all FCHs, BCL etc. Most of those who are not in London actually have very average even lower than average results from mid-tier schools. It is the London Chambers that require that profile. Check out any Manchester or Birmingham Chambers and you will see what I mean. Though truthfully it is also where all the QC appointments go. But keep that in mind when looking at the numbers so you donít assume every barrister has a UK public school FCH BCL background. They ímore often than not donít. But the ones we Singaporeans see overwhelmingly do. In the same way UK lawyers probably wonít know any of the HDB neighborhood lawyer but will know some of our top SCs.

In UK, this article: s:// suggests that ďAs of 2017, there were around 17,000 barristers in England and Wales, of which approximately 10% were QCsĒ. If we assume half of them are junior barristers as the above poster assumed with the SG bar, then 20% of senior barristers get appointed. Which is about three times more likely than Singapore if the above stats are correct. Take all of this with a lot of salt though as so much of what I stated and the previous poster stated is mired in speculation.
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