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In today’s BT: “A female lawyer who worked under a senior counsel in major law firm said the partner often “bragged” about working even while in labour……..Why is the Law Society surprised when junior lawyers quit when managers like that get appointed senior counsel?”

Apart from the bad typo from a national newspaper, quite a damming indictment from a former associate, though it’s hard to understand her lament. Why would the former associate think this act somehow should militate her ‘manager’ from being considered senior counsel? One should certainly be encouraged to advocate work life balance but that’s not and should never be a criterion to be senior counsel or to reach the top levels of the legal profession in any specialization other than litigation.
Read the article. Quite honestly, even if true, the account of the associate tells me much more about the work ethics and lack of discretion of the associate than the partner in question. The lack of discretion is by the associate is especially appalling as there are only so many individuals fitting the partner’s profile. BT should know better than to be publishing this sort of unverified drivel anonymously.
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