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Knew my cousin was doing well (but didn't know the numbers could be so good). she's been in the line for 6-7 years now with 2 years spent in HK. She brought her brother inside as well last year. Both are poly grads but went to AU to further studies because can't get a spot in local uni.

She did tell me that the bonus was really high (>1 year) but she didn't tell me about the base pay. Going to encourage my brother to take this route as well since it looks like 1 of the better path out from Poly.

Total compensation seems lower than bankers still though.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Working for major bunker traders like - HL, OWB, Chemoil -

Junior Trader (up to 3 years exp) : 4-6k base pmth
Senior Trader : 6 - 10k base pmth

Average Bonus on good year (2006, 07, 10) : $50-150k
Average Bonus on a not so good year (2008, 2009) : $20-$100k

Hope that helps.

For those in banks, use a factor of 1.5 to 2 times for the above

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