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Our law president saying he does not know why Lawyers are leaving the industry in such large numbers was ROFL. It's because billable hours have gone up, too many fat cats are at the top, wages have been depressed too long and lawyers are being slave-driven to new heights year on year. It's not bloody rocket science. Pay us higher and give us less work you dingbat.

His contradictory speech about how lawyers now are constantly connected, and have pressures of being constantly on the job, while simultaneously "shaming" lawyers for not "being married to their jobs" and saying that younger lawyers now want "family time" is also laughable. Oh no, it's unimaginable for my young Assocs to want to have a life, what will happen to the Partners' pockets if we can't oppress our Assocs for gain?

Also, this puts to rest the false notion of a glut. 697 lawyers were called last year, and 538 lawyers left the profession, meaning that there was only an increase of 150-odd lawyers to the profession. There is going to be an undersupply soon (which is already happening now - see the increase in salaries and the difficulties for medium sized firms to find assocs). I wonder just how much more of a undersupply would happen once Part B starts becoming harder.
Visit r/antiwork. So many resignation and attrition issues can be solved with simply paying more and/or giving less work. But of course the fat cats won't consider that unless their hands are forced.

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