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Thanks for the advice provided! I agree that knowing whether role is restricted to semi-conductor industry is very important, actually, I was hoping any ex-micron or current micron employees could share their opinions on this.

From the job scope, it seems like the skills sets from this role are quite transferable as a lot of it revolves around working with different process engineers to integrate individual processes in a project, along with data mining and analysis of results.

For progression wise, I was told by my friend at micron(from a different role) that the process integration engineer usually has a faster progression and most decent ones get promoted to managerial level within 5-6 years (engineer 1 to 3 to manager).

Anyway, this is the first job offer that I received and since this is still early on, I spoke to the HR nicely and asked if it is possible for me to accept the position but reject it if a better one comes to me along the way. She said it is fine as long as it is not too late and I do not need to serve the notice period if I have not started my first day there.

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