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Originally Posted by wyf View Post
Hey guys I have been looking for oil bunker job position for a long time . I have a few questions here . Hope I can get a ans here and know wat shld I do next .

I have been sending my resume to afew companies for bunker position . But none of them reply Issit true tat u need connection to be in their industry . My qualifications wasn't high Issit true tat qualifications is a must . I heard tat they don really mind abt qualifications , but seems tat its not easy to get this job . I have been trying very hard in order get this job, any sokution or tell me wat I shld do to in order to get this job . Thanks
You are naive to the point of being cute.

Do you really think anyone is going to offer you a lucrative 6 to 7 figure salary job by randomly sending CVs around? You dont sound like you even know have the slightest clue what bunker trading is.
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