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Exactly. it doesn't bode well with younger folks. i foresee they will have trouble recruiting young top or even decent mid tier talents to lead their teams in future. Because of the Singhealth hacking incident, they are big on security. sure they will do well in security, but a great company is more than just security. other aspects like processes, innovation and culture suffer so much and it's going to take alot of effort to effect change, it is just not enticing or attractive enough for great talents to stay. In the end, those that stayed are the ones unable to find a job outside, and continually contributes to the rot from the inside.

True enough. Have several friends who were unable to find a job for 1 year or more after leaving with this company in their resume. They work until cannot tahan so quit even without a next job lined up. The brand name just do not have good reputation within the tech industry.

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