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Be realistic, you have no ownership of patients in Polyclinic.
You have to deal with complaints, impatient patients, care is substandard as you only have 5-10 ins per patient. You do not get to know the patient and their families and truly be a family Dr.

GPs are really our true blue family drs. GDFM is sufficient.
I did MMED and i still left for private, got thrown admin, workgroups, audits in polyclinic. Who say can reject arrow, my place only get arrowed, cannot reject. Yes, I work lesser hrs for same pay in poly but im not happy, I dont get the true satisfaction and its so damn stressful in polyclinic -> any small compliant boss comes knocking on your door : " doctor lacks empathy bla bla , how to show empathy in 5 mins consult , you tell me" So many walk in patients . It was demoralising to say the least in polyclinic.

Now in GP land, i get the small pleasures in life. Yes, its busy but my patients and me have a true connect. My regulars bring me XMAS and NY gifts, breakfast - im not looking or greedy for these, but it shows the personal connect i have with my patients now. I do what im comfortable with. Patient wanna compliant also cannot. I am the boss, hello ..
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