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You first need to understand your own motivations. Are you thinking of pursuing this degree due to sheer passion for the subject? Or is it because you want to find a job in the engineering sector?

If the answer to either of these 2 questions is yes, then yes please go ahead, with the understanding that pursuing an electrical engineering bachelor's degree at NUS/NTU is not a walk in the park. It entails a fair amount of mathematics and you will need to have some flair and put in a lot of effort to do well in the course. I have seen some A level students fresh from school struggling through an engineering course and eventually ending up with low/no honours. I hazard to think that in your case it would be even more difficult as I can't imagine you honing your skills in calculus, PDEs and fourier transform while serving in the army.

If you aim to pursue a career in the sector, do spend some time finding out more about what kind of work is available and possible career paths.

If you are thinking of pursuing this for personal fulfillment, I suggest you consider pursuing an easier course, e.g. a part time degree in business. Maybe after that you can go into sales or marketing.

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