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Hi all,

I'm planning to do a part-time Electronics degree. But i dunno which to choose. NTU/NUS/Unisim/Others.

Abit bout my history... After my O'lvl, I went to take Higher Nitec(Dover ITE) in Electronics. After my NS, I went to continue my studies and took a Dip in Electronics, Computer & Communication. Got a result of GPA (3.75). Currently a regular in MINDEF as i took a sponcership for my poly studies that time. I'm 26 yrs old this yr.

My concern about part-time NTU(5 yrs) is that it seems really long and tough. Distance traveling there 3 times a week for 5 yrs is also a pain.. Heard many of them drop out as a full-time student. So i guess its even harder for a part-time student who are working to take the same exam papers as the full-time student.

About Unisim Electronics(4 yrs).. its only 1 yr diff form NTU and i dunno how reconised Unisim's Electronics is. Dunno if it is even sufficiant to futher to Master degree outside. However it should be much more easier as compared to NTU as it is catered for working adults.

I would go for part-time rather then full-time as im not young anymore and would'nt want my income to frezze for another 3 yrs.

I sincerly hope to hear some advice from any of u out there. feel free to comment pls......
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