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Was a couple of years into my career at a foreign bank when I received an email to go for their management associate program.

I thought it was a mid-career MA program but during the interview rounds I realised that they were also interviewing fresh grads. Big turn-off.

Program pay was 5k pm which (much lower than my last drawn) but supposedly moves up to 8k pm after 1st year.

Received some advice not to join GIC as it was the parking lot for government scholars. This meant that if you weren't a scholar, you'd be 2nd class citizen. Didn't sit well with me. My pov is to avoid such organisations. My advice is that private sector might be better (if you have the choice). Otherwise, start GIC and move out. I know of someone who did just that.


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Support function ~4.8k 5mths bonus
Portfolio function ~8k 7-9mths bonus
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