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Have you been offered any position for both IHLs?

1. Yes. NUS is a 12 month package whereas NTU is a 13 month package with AWS paid in Dec. Therefore if I were you and an experienced hire, I would negotiate with NUS based on my annual salary and with NTU based on my monthly salary.

2. It really depends on your performance and you will only be at meeting expectations (ME) grade in your 1st year.

3. On average 2 - 3% increment for ME grade

4. Annual leave will be 21 days for both, flex ben NTU gives about $100 more than NUS
I am the poster of this qns and so far I am at the 2nd interview for nus and 1st interview for ntu only. I heard that nus paid 2 months pb average for MR and ntu 1 month for MR during normal times. Wondering true not?
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