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Anyone read the study found here on senior counsel performance - s://

I found it interesting. It was well-researched but incomplete and subjective so I would take the conclusions with a huge dose of salt. If only someone could do some form of sensible data set across the entire profession to allow for principled differentiation between lawyers and law firms and for us to know who in the market actually deserves their reputation and how much of it is pure marketing. So we can avoid all of the rubbish we see in the forums, including this one. It would also be nice to have an honest data-based assessment of our lawyers, law firms any day over self-glorifying arbitrary and meaningless legal awards that are a dime a dozen nowadays. It would also save me time from having to read the repeated humblebrags about how humbled some random lawyer is awarded yet another questionable legal award or ranking they pestered clients to nominate them for.
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