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Did u forget that females start work earlier by 2 years? I am sure the 2 years of extra salary compounded over the next 40 years when invested. Also females will still get annual increments and likely to have higher pay than the guy who enter workfare at 25.

Female at 23 years old 3600. Gets 250 annually = $4100 at age 25 (and 2 years of savings head start)
Male who enters workforce at 25 with NS factor = 3600 + 300 (NS) = $3900

Now tell me who is at the losing end?
Hello, the annual increment is not even 250. And the guys don't get just 300. All my male colleagues joined after uni infact ended up get higher than female degree holder who joined 2 years earlier. You can ask around from the local degree males in PS and CS. I am sure of that because i went through it and saw so many examples. If you don't believe, just join the PS and CS. For some males, their promotion increment percentage were even higher, and because they took into their 2 years, after working 3 more years they already considered 5 years in PS. Guys were never be shortchanged in terms of benefits. That is the facts.
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