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Thanks for the info. I'll be sure not to sell myself short when the time comes. What level of salary would an expat family of 2+2 need for a very comfortable life in Singapore ?
Depends on how comfortable, and how much savings u need, and whether housing and schooling is covered by your expat package.

The key costs are:
- housing : approx $70k pa. $5.5k (for mid tier expat) to $25k (for orchard living) per month
- international schools : $30k per kid per annum
- maid : $12k to 15k per annum (including food for maid, and misc)
- car : $25k per annum (for mid tier car, including petrol. Insurance, rd tax, parking etc)
- taxes : can assume 10 to 15% in aggregate
- living expenses : $25k pa. 2k per month for the family if you aren't extravagant

So as u can see, just basic expenses for a mid tier expat putting kids thru international school are approx $190k pa, excluding taxes. If u dun mind living in hdb, no car, no maid, cheaper schools, u can get by on more local terms.

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