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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
stop making a fool of yourself.
gp, fp also dunno difference want to come here argue.

instead of one doctor for back pain, one for hypertension, one for diabetes, now one FM doctor can manage all 3. 450 dollar Vs 150? infact, FM doctor if paid 200 bucks also saving Liao. poor patient instead of visiting doctor 3 times, one visit settle everything?

use some brains before u post la. really wasting o2 by existing.
got a gdfm many years ago. And prolly your senior kae.
My english no good coz i went to a lousy sch.
My era a lot of ppl go to that lousy sch.

Gp 就是gp. Why want to make it to specialist.
Even though im fp, we still call ourselves gp.
Coz gp got pride.

But the $150 bucks per fp specialist consult?
Back pain? U can do op? U can tens? U can physio?
-tbh i just nsaids and mc nia.
Hypertension u know how to investigate for secondary causes? You know how to interpret aldo renin?
-i just try 1-2 anti htn. If need 3 or more or hypoK i send out alr to investigate
Dm u know how to manage type 1? Insulin pump? U know how to counsel for glp1?
-brittle type 2 and type 1 i will refer out

So i dont understand why we need so many qualifications and fm specialist coz gp is supposed to be for the masses.

For the people and keep care accessible

Ideas concern and expectation can only work so far.
1mile wide, 1inch deep. Cannot be helped

I always refer out when it is neccessary.
But just fearing the $150 consult for gp will worsen the situation and access to care
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