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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
i have a few qns:
what is the point of SAB if there is no consultant job for GP?

what is the point of FM if there is FM is paid same as specialist?
The whole point of FM is to reduce cost and reduce specialist referral.
now make FM specialist and pay at specialist rate of $150 per consult isnt that defeating the point?
stop making a fool of yourself.
gp, fp also dunno difference want to come here argue.

instead of one doctor for back pain, one for hypertension, one for diabetes, now one FM doctor can manage all 3. 450 dollar Vs 150? infact, FM doctor if paid 200 bucks also saving Liao. poor patient instead of visiting doctor 3 times, one visit settle everything?

use some brains before u post la. really wasting o2 by existing.
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