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Edit: Replied to wrong post.

Too busy rounding to post a lengthy reply but suffice to say you need to take what you read online with a pinch of salt, with the hard push for FM these days from the top so many MOH recruiters have been instructed to tell gullible med students stories of entry level polyclinic doctors with the easy life making 200k a year, only because they need cannon fodder to staff the covid frontlines. Unrealistically high pay + non-specialised work = easy replacement by FTs whereas specialists are not.
I'm not a polyclinic doctor but my classmates who make way less than me are and they can attest to a different reality than what's posted by these MOH recruiters.
So what’s your specialist level pay (are you AC / C / SC, medical or procedural / surgical specialty?)
And what’s your Polyclinic doctor classmate’s pay? (Are they ACs and above?)
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