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This is a troll post with so many assumptions that the writer is confirmed not a doctor, or at least a very junior one shiitposting.
There are so many barriers to entry to studying medicine in the first place (as a local, not a FT doc who can easily get into med schools in their home countries and then jump to practice in a first tier country), that if you have the smarts and gumption for medicine, you could do a whole lot better in IT/tech, finance and a myriad other careers with less sweat and tears. My JC classmate is a FAANG CS engineer in her late twenties/early thirties with easily 200-300k per annum working from home (9am start in bed and no 6am rounds), and she said her boss just a few years older is on 500k.
Only do medicine if you like suffering and helping those in need.
Come on lah med sch so easy to enter
My time nus 250 places.

Now 300. Plus ntu another 150. Plus dukies 80.

Shoo in for aussie and uk schs if u got the money.

(Of course exceptions are oxbridge but the rest really just $$)
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