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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hey seniors, is it worth it to study medicine (as a prospective student)?
Tbh it is worth it.

Damn worth it. Coz even a gp earns 10k. (Like 4-5 day work week)
Granted u put 300k as initial investment.
But confirm minimum income 10k after 5 years.
Ya ho and mo life pay no good.

But u must consider.
U go study law also 200k. But may not be 10k after 5 years.
In fact may not get traineeship positions. Then lan lan become teacher or admin.

Yes u can be some big shot ceo if u study biz but u can also be ceo if u study med.
Think raffles medical ceo.

Bottom line if u are good, then whatever u study doesnt matter. Coz u will make it big anyway

If you are no good, then med is safe and guarantee minimum 10k

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