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Originally Posted by SuperDuperCannonFairy View Post
To add on, I'm a Singaporean who served NS, currently in my 30s.

Add, just for reference:||190||sg

I'm sure most of the post here are by a lot of people with over 30 years experience and runs corporations. Which explains why a lot of the replies are the top 1% earners.

I'm sure it's not hard to find more statistics that is not from the Government.
How is the figure from Jobstreet derived? I guess they take the average or median salary of job applicants? If so, those figures might be a bit overstatad, given the tendency to put a higher figure for current pay. But from what we see in the forum, Jobstreet estimates are already considered low! So, my question is how reliable is Jobstreet salary range estimates? Or, should I say, how reliable are figures in this forum?
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