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Talking A risk worth taking

I am a foreigner looking to relocate to SG. Thus, I have been doing my homework on living costs in SG. What I found is that, it all depends on how you want to live. Rent is very high (second only to HK) and alcohol is expensive. If you are single and ready to mingle, be ready to pay.

I was told by a Singaporean HR director of a very famous global fashion brand of these overly simplistic thresholds. 5,000 SGD a month is ok, 10,000 a month is decent. ok = you will survive and enjoy a reasonable amount of entertainment. decent = live, eat, and can be entertained but allowed to save, get married, buy your own condo in the future. Basically, foreigners should earn well due to the lack of CPF and subsidies for healthcare, child education, and higher property tax. Local Singaporeans may answer this part better than I can.

What I am interested in is the crypto part. This deal mostly depends on how good you are with your cryptos. In other words, how much do you understand cryptos (as an investable asset class, not from the tech sense), and how good are you at trading them. In my opinion, you will earn ok in cash, that crypto portion can make it decent to excellent. At 26 years old, what is there to lose? Learn to trade and invest in crypto early, I think it's a win-win.

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