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1. "In other words, there is no way that you, as a SG qualified lawyer, are getting into a MC firm before you hit 2 PQE, and after that you will be paid on the UK NQ scale."

false, cc offers sg qualification training contracts to local students. their trainees join the firm's singapore office straight from law school and they are paid on the international scale from day one. source: s://


(a) "The SG training period is 6 months." false, the batch of students who just signed their tcs this month will have to train for a year. this change was announced in 2018. keep up with industry please

(b) cc trainees get a bonus in their second year of training too. if you want to count bonus, the correct calculation is:

baker's pay for initial 2 years: 2.5k x 12 (training period period to get qualified) + 8.5k x 14 (including 2 months bonus) = 149k (average of 6.2k per month)

cc's pay for initial 2 years: 6k x 12 (training period period to get qualified) + at least 7.5k x 14 (including 2 months bonus)= at least 177k (average of at least 7.3k per month)

"You can see that the [cc] lawyer usually makes significantly more up to this point."
LOL baker white knights in shambles yet again
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