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I disagree. The property landscape has changed to an extent that even if there's a local recession and major retrenchments, there is enough demand from rich foreign investors to prop up property prices. I firmly believe prices will continue on an uptrend. And once the local recession is over, the trajectory will be even steeper.

The fact is prices are still too affordable at current levels. Moreover, HDB is building more flats to cater to the poorer young generation.

Local recession? Singapore is such an open economy, that any recession here will be brought about by global forces.

Rich foreign investors? In the face of a global slowdown, why would they come in to support the prices? That is if they can save their own ass in their home country.

If there's widespread unemployment in Singapore, the tap on the FT will be tightened, cutting off a big chunk of the rental demand.

Never say Never. Before the subprime crisis, Amercian property prices were in an uptrend for nearly 50 years. With prices rising most in the last 5 years before 2009.
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