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Aiyo, you just graduate & start to work isit? Everyone with work exp know that there is such a thing as salary band.

The question is what exactly is the band in terms of min & max for each rank? You write long essay but never answer the most important question...

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To a certain extent, It doesn't matter what they call you but how much they pay you.

I used to be quite good friends with HR compensation colleague. There is a rank bandwith and depends on the bank policy, it either needs certain type of approval or strictly no exceeding.

I had a colleague who had worked 30 years for a foreign bank. As he did not have a degree, his rank was stucked at AVP. He told me that because of his rank cap, he have not been able to get any annual increment for several years.

As I was told, the rank below AVP has a cap of up to 10k per month. This is a ceiling and it does not necessarily mean that most people at that rank (i.e. 1 below avp) earn 10k pm.

It makes sense for a large bank with so many employees. Some sort of pay structure/scheme must be in place or else there is no consistency throughout.
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