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Thanks for all the advice.
What pains me is the swallowing of pride. I have to face not only friends but my family and relatives. They always look up upon me as the role model, someone all my younger relatives aspire to be. Big house, big luxury sedan. Expensive holidays. I have saved and invested but these will not be enough for me to retire on, unless I lower my status as a HDB dweller. This is even tougher to do. Sometimes I feel it is not such a great thing to be a success as when you fall, you fall hard. I think I will just take the $130k a year job and keep a low profile in my life. Is this karma? What have I done? Maybe I was so caught up with my success that I have little time to spare for the poor destitutes. I must do more charity I suppose. Yes, swallow my pride. To hell with status and wealth. Noone owes me a living. I need to really work on my emotions.

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