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If property prices fell in 2009, why won't it fall this time around? What's the difference?
The difference is that nobody wants to end up the butt of jokes like the sellers who sold to the guy above in 2009.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
hehe, i was one of the those who bought one in 2003 and two after 2009. have made enough to own a freehold landed and 800K cash in the bank. now i don't really care if prices crash (can use my cash to buy a cheap one) or shoot up (my landed will increase in value).
2009 is still very fresh in everyone's mind, so these sellers are still the laughing stock of friends, colleagues and relatives during Christmas party.

Cousin: "What! You panicked after Lehman and sold your house for $1 million? It's worth $2.5 million now!"
Aunt: "What a pity! You gave away $1.5 million to this guy? You're generous!"
Wife: "He likes to play Santa Claus! If he does it one more time I'll file for divorce. I'm not joking OK!"
Uncle: "Ok! Ok! Don't quarrel! Come have a piece of turkey so you wouldn't chicken out so easily!"

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