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To be honest I feel like you sound a little too harsh here. I know of a lot of analysts who stayed at Level 11 for 3 years. Their performance has been nothing short of amazing. It just happens that they just shuffle around projects and they do not have enough runway in their current project to be recommended for promotion. Promotion used to be dependent on budget and your project manager can only recommend a few analysts for promotion. The criteria to be recommended for promotion is not entirely due to performance, your tenure in the project matters as well. I believe that your career is a marathon and people choose to stay for a variety of reasons. The fact that you think that itís easy to get a job in this Covid climate shows that you are self entitled. Nothing comes easy, even for individuals with 10 years of experience. Also, I do feel that it is unfair for SAs to clock another 2 years before they get promoted but I feel that the pay at Level 9 is worth the wait. Even if one were to job hop once every year, I think it would be difficult to command a Level 9 pay at the end of 2 years.
If they are that amazing they would have left for a higher pay elsewhere already.

L9 is standard 6k at the higher end for tech/management consulting.
L9 is high 7-9k for analytics people.
L9 is high 8k for strategy people.

As you can see, difference prices for different kinds of talents. Take note that c&m personnel stay longer at l11 because the jump is really high from l11 to l9.

But cdo people who stayed long at l11 just to move up to l10? Losers. End of story.
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