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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Thank you so much for the advice! Really appreciate it. :-) Btw, will such case study assessments be like law school hypos? And the area of law would be what I applied for right?
i kind of wish i can pm you to tell you more about the hypo and send u the hypo they gave for the tc application this year (and last year - my senior sent it to me) but alas, anonymity is a double-edged sword. if you're from nus, i assume you already know about the discord channel we have -- it's a goldmine of information and resources, so you should check that out before asking this forum (a lot less trolls, and people are much nicer and more willing to help). most seniors also list their tele handles (including me) so you can hit them up directly for tips.

but if you're not from nus, then i'll just tell you here as much as i can without doxxing myself. the topics they test in the case study is not dependent on the practice area you're going for. my friends who applied for other departments had the exact same case study as me. general advice is to study your company law, contract law, and equity modules well. these foundational concepts should serve you well and should cover most of the issues in the case study, no matter what they throw at you.

and if you look at a&g's website, they say they're looking for people with a good dose of common sense -- so apply apply apply your knowledge to the facts. don't rattle of legal principles with minimal application. you should always go back to the facts, and really, have some common sense when answering the question. don't get too wrapped up in legal principles that you forget common sense.

hope this helps!
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