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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My friend went from NUH admin to SGH admin, no pay increment, not sure about JG

Another friend went from SGH admin to another dept admin within SGH, drop in one level JG, but same pay.

Promotion is very very slow in my dept, I'm currently in my JG for about 6 years, another colleague 7 years plus.. no promotion in sight.

I think it depends on the hospital, at least for my dept, when we are interviewing candidates who are currently working in other PHI, the management will make it a point to them that there is strictly no pay increment, I think this also kinda deters potential candidates from taking up the offer but oh wells, who will want to change a job with no pay increment?
Thanks for sharing. Good to hear of the different experiences, at least for everyone's learning. It is a very strange practice to me, but I hope things are changing/will change, especially if they want to make healthcare more attractive in general.
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