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hi all.. any doctors or people in healthcare here? seeking advice about working in healthcare / hospital setting. i am considering to switch careers and pursue studies in Allied Health.

what are ur thoughts or emotions that come to ur mind while working in healthcare facing people who have taken ill?


so i was a sickly child until i turned 18 when i decided to stop falling sick. because of all this meds and doctor visits and my desire to not fall ill again, i try my best to dissociate myself with illness and being ill. i visited an icu not long ago and i felt really really depressed

but the motivation comes from wanting to be of some use to the society and to other people in my lifetime.

so i wonder whats the train of thought for people who have been in healthcare for long.

thank you~
Dont. Please just dont.

Remember this post of mine. If you did. I told you so.
Better to do something else and provide the resources and back support for healthcare as a volunteer and leave the actual work for the frontline suckers.
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