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I agree with you that life overseas definitely better. However now given the covid situation, and the fact that SG post grad qualifications are largely useless overseas, I dont have the option to move (even though I graduate from UK); hence have to find next best solution.
I have no interest in QI, research or admin work, hence I figured that only option for me is GP land (hence I chose FM residency- right/wrong decision debatable i guess). If burnout from clinical work, then take a few days off/week PRN. Locum more flexibility but of course pay less if you work less. For me, taking on more teaching/research work to reduce clinical load is not viable

I am not sure about senior consultant working 30plus hours a week; maybe for certain specialties (e.g GM). I just completed my GS, ortho and IM postings (for which I did GM, neuro and gastro)
- I can safely say that most of the cons (even in GM) that I work with are more stressed than my Preceptors in OPS (most of my preceptors are consultant in FM- i.e completed fellowship)/friends in GP land
- When I was in GS/ortho, my consultant starts at 7am (rounding) and finished after 9pm daily. (how I know- cause he always ask me to help him to medical report after clinic/OT, I will usually finish by 8-9pm, and he is still there doing his research work with his assistant); I guess he is well paid, but he definitely works more than 30 plus hrs/week
Gastro/neuro/GM not so bad, but I often see the consultants staying till 6-7pm as well (i often go to the admin block, where all the consultant offices are, to do some residency admin work/study as there are free computers and they are far away from the ward Lol)
Actually, you can get GMC registration with a UK/Irish degree even if you've done your HOship in Singapore. That's what I did earlier this year. Am not sure if the same would work for an Aussie grad tho. (Getting an Aussie registration w an Aussie MBBS + Singapore HOship)
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