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Unhappy Got provisional offer from DSTA, very confused

I am a CS student in NUS, y4 now, and applied for a software engineering role in the enterprise IT deparment.

I passed the first round, then yesterday had 2nd round of interview. I passed the interview and just got a provisional offer, base pay 3.9k but 4-4.6k after I graduate. The pay will be scaled according to my degree classification.

When I was talking to the recruiter, he mentioned that DSTA works by 16 months meaning I will get 12 months pay + 4 extra months pay? I don't understand what this all means and I'm so confused.

I am not sure if I should accept this offer or not, they are giving me a 7 day window to accept/reject this offer and I'm not sure if this offer is good.

Anyone here working at DSTA as a software engineer can advise on the work culture and if this is a good offer? Please help
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