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I feel you should take some time and review about your self-esteem. HRs can smell your low self esteem during interviews and low-ball you, which makes the target salary further away unconsciously. Iím sure you are not low intellect given that you are bilingual and your grammar and sentence structures are ok.

I have a friend whose CAP is so much higher than me, whom got two offers, one at a tech giant and the other one at some no-name startup, he actually rejected the tech giant, citing that in his words ďI donít want a higher paying job because they will have higher expectations from me, which I donít think Iím capable of.Ē I was like =.=???

In the end his current work he had to OT a lot, hates his job and the pay was just a bit better than a poly pay. He ended up stopped being my friend because he feels Iím mocking him or whatever low self esteem thoughts about what I do or say when I tried to find him better opportunities.

In summary if you keep thinking about low SES, unintelligent, low pay, then your subconscious mind will just look for such stuffs and you get validation when you really achieve all the not so nice stuffs you think you would get. Life is still long and maybe you just need to talk to someone and take small steps to be a better person of yourself the next day. It will definitely not be an easy road. Hope you will become successful someday.
Sibei motivational good job bro
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