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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Dont bother pccw. hr suck, everyone suck.

Before join say after 1 year convert perm, annual increment etc, got this got that.

Every single month my payroll got problem. Mobile claim not in, pay delay, cpf didnt credit in. Without fail for every month sure have either one missing from salary. This is the first job i do every month have to check if CPF is credit in.

Join and after nearly a year say my g50 fail to clear, yet the site have nearly 20 south east asia staff and still have new south east asia ppl coming in.

Immediate termination without paying me my leave encash and termination notice etc.

I go to mom and after a few session than agree to pay off my leave encashment.

Join at your on risk.
pccw is ah neh village,really think twice before join.

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