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Was surfing internet post-call when I found that Perth hospitals are looking to hire international doctors. s://

Heard their ho pay is A$100k already, regs must be A$200k? I just checked, there is no covid in Perth unlike Sydney. 5 hours direct flight from Singapore. Anyone keen to apply?

Burst your bubble.

They only want drs from
1) UK
2) Canada
3) USA
4) NZ
5) Ireland

Singapore cannot. In the early days SG GPs could take the FRACGP or MRCGP as part of their training. But later MOH found too many SG GPs migrating to Australia to work because Oz recognizes those qualifications as equivalent to their own.

This is why Singapore GPs and FMs DO NOT TAKE ANY foreign exams. The Singapore MMed Fam Med is what they take. And MOH refused to work with the Oz and UK Colleges to have reciprocity for the qualifications. So thank MOH for effectively restricting all Singapore FMs to only being able to work in Singapore.
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