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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
From the way u write, I can already say u are one of the lousy gp. And really one of the reason why I think untrained gp like you should not be allowed to continue practicing independently and tainting patient expectation of doctors.

Your MRI example is a lousy one. Even if the pat complain and finds that u deny a patient a MRI for a 3 day hx of back pain but eventually turn out to be a rare tumour , u will not be medically neligent unless there are other signs that points to something sinister. Because u lack training , you have no idea what is going on and all you can do safely is transfer the burden of care to someone else. So lousy medically that you don't even dare to standby your own assessment . You don't even deserve a MBBS. My apn can probably do a better job than you. If u had been properly trained, u would have know that such pat often have thier own ideas and expectations, most of them dun really want the MRI, they just want reassurancre. U really think even with insurance,any of them want to take time off work, go visit a specialist , sit inside a machine for few hours, visit specialist again, then deal with the insurance agent to claim money? Pls la.

If you give a patient just what he wants, u are essentially not doing your job. Your backpain example is not uncommon, many Indian and PRC patient request for it. If u just sit at your desk and try to reassure the pat he is ok, of cse he don't believe. Do a full physical, teach them some back self physio, give proper safety netting advice. 90 percent of such patient all understands and no one pushes u for a MRI. The remaining 10 percent no choice, they have their agenda and u refer and confirm all come back normal.
From the way you write you are a young punk MO who has no idea what practicing medicine is really like and will likely get many complaint letters because you think you know what patients want without actually asking them. What a joke.

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